Alfredo Scott


Alfredo was born in United States but has lived in Costa Rica all his life. He has a University degree in Tropical Biology with an emphasis in Entomology and a Master’s degree in Ecotourism. He is a member of the International Ecotourism Society and has worked on numerous research projects, including some with The British Natural History Museum. He is a member of the Association of Ornithology of Costa Rica and is an active birder who has done extensive birding in North America, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean Islands. Since 1990, he has been preparing ecological tours and working as a nature guide with groups of birdwatchers with the most important tour agencies in Costa Rica. Together with Joe he founded Wildbird Tours in 1995 and is owner and manager of the company in Costa Rica.

Ron Jensen


Ron grew up in Saskatchewan. He has an education in Renewable Resources and a Geography degree in Land Use and Environmental Sciences. He worked twenty eight years as a Regional Fisheries Ecologist for southwestern Saskatchewan. His birding interests have taken him to southern Arizona, along the Rio Grande in Texas and to exotic places like Costa Rica, Panama, Europe, and Turkey. He has published in the Nature Saskatchewan publication “Blue Jay”. He is a life member of Nature Saskatchewan, served on the Nature Saskatchewan Board of Directors, served as president and on the board of directors for Nature Saskatoon, and a founding member of the Southwest Naturalists. Presently, he is the coordinating editor of a “Nature Notes” column published weekly in the local paper for Nature Saskatoon.

Joe Crichton


Joe was born in Canada. After careers in Engineering and Marketing, Joe followed his life-long love for Birdwatching and opened The Wild Bird Store in Calgary Canada. The business catered to all levels of nature enthusiasts from the backyard feeders to the serious globetrotting birders. In 1995 the business expanded into Birdwatching Tours. Joe and Alfredo began their partnership at that time and continue to run successful trips together to Costa Rica and Panama.